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What We Do

Digital Connectivity Vouchers

Our Connectivity Vouchers are worth between £500 and £1,000 and can be used to help cover the cost of upgrading to faster broadband (over 30mbps). Aimed at businesses that are looking to upgrade their digital connectivity/broadband.

Many firms that wish to grow and develop are inhibited by the quality of their digital connection, including poor broadband speeds and high costs for upgrading to a faster/more reliable service.

The Connectivity Voucher is designed to help businesses cover some of the costs of upgrading to a faster connection. Vouchers can also be used to cover other costs associated including:

  • The actual cost of the installation i.e. the cost of the physical connection, including excess construction costs to reach a network

  • Hardware related to facilitating the connection e.g. a firewall, router, receiver/antennae (for wireless connections)

  • Virtual servers and software licences (subject to limitation of upfront costs only)

  • nternal ethernet network cabling

  • Consultancy/project management cost to install a connection – capped at 25% of the value of a voucher

Connectivity Vouchers are intended to help businesses upgrade to higher speed business grade broadband, above 30 mbps. If your current download speed is above 30 mbps, then a new higher speed connection should double the broadband speed. For examples of how people have benefited from Connectivity and Growth vouchers take a look at some case studies or watch our latest video

Please read our Connectivity Voucher Guidance Notes before applying

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a Digital Growth Voucher/Connectivity Voucher please follow the steps below.

  • Check your eligibility and if eligible you will be taken to the application form.

  • Applicant businesses that meet the criteria in the Eligibility Checklist should complete the online form. Businesses are required to complete all sections of the application form, with particular consideration to the impact of the funding/investment upon their business growth and development. Proposals with poor or insufficient economic return (in terms of job creation or business expansion) relative to the value of the Voucher are unlikely to be successful.

  • We will assess your application.

  • Obtain 2 quotations for upgrading your broadband and associated costs.

  • Send these quotations to vouchers.DE@leeds.gov.uk using the same mail address as on your application form.

  • If application approved we will send you a Funding Agreement.

  • On receiving the returned Funding Agreement you can commission your suppliers.

  • Once the work has been completed and proof of this is supplied via a claim form we will arrange payment to you.

Up to 250 Connectivity Vouchers will be available to eligible SMEs up till the end of the current programme (May 2019 and will be available on a first come first served basis.

Digital Knowledge Exchange

Our aspiration is to support small firms to achieve digital maturity as they scale up and grow. The service will offer entrepreneurs and managers access to knowledge, expertise and advice on deploying digital solutions to help them develop their business via workshops, digital advisor support, mentoring, large conferences and access to our business community.

The Digital Knowledge Exchange (DKE) business support programme is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014-2020, as well as 9 local authorities for Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.

As a result of businesses participating in the Digital Knowledge Exchange, businesses will become much more aware of how to use digital channels and solutions to grow their business and will become more confident about making an investment in the most appropriate digital solution/s that support their development goals and aspirations

Download Brochure.
Check if you are eligible.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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