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CITB offer support to industry through our grants and funds. CITB grants cover day to day training and our funds cover specific projects and commissions.

CITB provide funding for specific projects relating to careers, innovation and training. If you can provide us with a plan for your training needs, or you have an idea for a project to improve performance for your employees or the industry as a whole, we might be able to help through our funds:

Skills and Training Fund - Up to £10K for skills and training for small employers

CITB-registered employers with up to 99 directly employed staff on the payroll. Employers can apply for funding once every 12 months. This fund provides assistance for micro and small construction companies to develop a stronger skills base. Specifically, it provides an extra incentive for you to access CITB grant eligible training.

Flexible fund - For a project you have identified that meets CITB priorities and addresses industry needs.

This fund supports organisations that have identified a gap in industry skills and have come up with a project idea to solve this problem. We invest in projects aimed at innovation or training and development. Your project should provide a new and transferrable solution to challenges facing the industry that can’t be funded through other means.

Unless otherwise stated, your project should aim to benefit other industry employers, that means:

- CITB-registered employers
- Employers who have the potential to become levy-registered employers.

We won't fund projects which are similar to previous funded projects. To make sure that your idea has not already been covered in previous projects, check our funded projects directory and see How to apply.

Structured fund - For projects where CITB has identified a need for investment and commissions bids based on a set theme. Each year we work with the construction industry to understand the challenges it faces. Our findings help us decide our top priorities. We then commission projects on priority themes, based on industry need, CITB’s strategy and government policy.

We plan to make a major investment in the new Onsite Experience commission in England, Scotland and Wales.

Find out more details of the individual national commissions

See more about how we allocate funding

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