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Innovative £320k development aids pupil’s wellbeing

Posted: Wednesday 22 May 2019

Schoolchildren in Cheshire are enjoying a renewed sense of health and wellbeing, following a ground-breaking project at Alsager School. The £320k development has provided students with space to enjoy the fresh air – whatever the weather. Tasked with overseeing the design, build and installation of a sleek new ETFE canopy to enclose what was previously an open courtyard, Access North Build has made waves within the education sector with its industry-first solution. Yorkshire-headquartered Access North Build designed, developed and installed a pioneering solution, a lightweight steel space frame – the first of its kind supporting an ETFE membrane in the UK – erected to span the quad, thus enclosing the area beneath. Alsager School site manager, Matt Harris, explained: “Fresh air plays a pivotal part in the wellbeing and health of people of all ages. Creating a space which allows students to ‘go outside’ while providing protection from the elements – including rain and solar shielding – is key to supporting their development.” Engineered to carry more weight over a greater area – in order to provide plenty of natural light and promote student wellbeing – the greatest challenge was the location and layout of the outdoor space, which was enclosed by existing buildings on all sides. As a result, the superstructure – which is over 400 square feet in size – had to be assembled in the school car park before being carefully manoeuvred over the establishment and precisely into position on the pre-installed locating bolts. Access North Group managing director, Berenice Northcott added: “This type of ETFE enclosure provides an extremely beneficial space for organisations within the education sector where student wellbeing is crucial. Additionally, the new ETFE canopy has a design life of 70 years providing it is regularly maintained, but if the time comes when it is no longer required, the ETFE membrane and steel space frame are recyclable, extending the environmental-friendliness of the build with the circular economy in mind. "We relished the challenges of this particular project. Craning a huge space frame over a school and courtyard – which was bordered on all sides – without damaging buildings or people, was a testament to the planning, organisation and attention to detail of the team. The new roof has transformed a previously under-utilised area into a light and airy multifunctional space, resulting in a positive impact on staff and pupils."
Posted by Scriba PR Limited
Leach research reveals retailers’ top challenges for new financial year

Posted: Wednesday 22 May 2019

Customer service levels have topped the list of challenges retailers are fearing the most as they head into the new financial year. The finding comes from research conducted by retail display specialist Leach, as they spoke to the sector’s mid-senior level decision makers the length and breadth of the country. 39% said service levels will be the biggest challenge, followed by in-store technology (38%) and floor space (23%). Interestingly though, 78% of research participants believe that it’s no longer about the size of a store – it’s what you do with a space that counts. Commenting on the results, Leach’s managing director, James Lavin said: “We’ve seen more change on the high street in the last three years than we have in probably the last three decades. Experiential retailing matters more than ever before, as consumers become increasingly discerning, so offering more via the store environment – irrespective of a retailer’s footprint – seems to now be the overriding priority.” That commitment to offering more has driven many recent product launches at Leach HQ, including Lightwave – a lightbox which conveys a sense of movement, designed to provide a more affordable alternative to a video wall – plus the ultra-bright Leach Box with 30% less power consumption than a conventional illuminated display. “We have our own innovation department at Leach, dedicated to breaking new boundaries when it comes to delivering wow factor retail spaces for consumers,” continued James. “But even though this is a sector we know well, we don’t just rely on our own insight and instinct – we are constantly engaged in dialogue with retailers too, to truly get to the heart of their world. We want to know exactly where the biggest challenges and opportunities lie, so that we can help them navigate the ups and downs that follow.” Other challenges uncovered by the research included merchandising (22%), POS displays (15%) and window dressing (12%). When the topic of retailers’ interior budgets was discussed, only 7% of respondents felt that budgets are not being stretched too thinly. 59% believed that they are, whilst 34% sat on the fence. “We do get retailers coming to us with strict budget parameters,” continued James. “And this cost-conscious mindset is extremely understandable. But when it comes to lightboxes especially, the most important factor is always graphics quality. In fact, when we questioned retailers about their primary concern when selecting a graphic display solution, quality came out top (24%), followed by price (19%) then durability (11%). Environmental considerations were another important factor, with reusability and CSR credentials increasingly playing on retailers’ minds. 138 retailers were interviewed as part of the research. To view the results in full, visit: https://weareleach.com/about-us/leach-by-numbers-2018/. To date, Leach has provided more than 10,000 displays to the retail industry. Clients include both independent stores and major high street brands including AllSaints, Gap and Regatta.
Posted by Scriba PR Limited
Floral Bling Fling Is A Blooming Big Success

Posted: Monday 20 May 2019

The 2019 Floral Bling Fling has been hailed a blooming great success, raising £22,000 in aid of Forget Me Not children’s Hospice. Three hundred businesswomen from across West Yorkshire attended the glamorous charity lunch held at The Arches in Dean Clough, Halifax. The Bling Fling returned for the second year running this time with a floral theme, featuring beautiful flowers available for guests to buy in order to enter a special prize draw, plus more chances to win throughout the event. Guests won lots of exciting prizes donated by businesses sponsoring the event, including tickets to see Take That donated by the John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield, Meals for a Year at 12 participating restaurants across Kirklees and Calderdale and Flowers for a Year donated by Yorkshire-based Ramsdens Solicitors. Volunteers from Dewsbury Rams Rugby League club put a bit of muscle behind the event pitching in with a team of “Butlers in Bowties” to meet and greet guests as they arrived. They circulated with raffle tickets and generally assisted the organising committee to ensure that everything ran smoothly in order to raise as much as possible for the Huddersfield-based hospice. Compere Steve Royle, a comedian, radio presenter, actor, and writer, injected a whole bunch of mirth into the proceedings and dazzled the Bling Fling ladies with his witty repartee. Vicki Davenport, head of The Bling Fling Committee said: “We’d like to thank everyone who made the event such a huge success. We couldn’t have done this without those attending getting behind the event and really getting involved. Each year this event gets bigger and better and we are so grateful to all those who donated prizes, support and time.” The total raised topped the success of last year’s “Diamond” Bling Fling. With a glittering jewellery theme, the first event brought in an impressive £17,750 for the hospice, which supports families of children with life-shortening illnesses. Jess Lees, Corporate Fundraiser at Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, said: “It costs us £4million a year to help change the lives of all the wonderful children and families who use our services every day. Without events like the Bling Fling to bring in funds and the support of caring people we wouldn’t be able to carry on doing what we do. “In fact, what we really need is to keep growing, because we can currently only reach 15% of the families who need us, so we do appreciate all the help we can get.” Photo Courtesy Of Bespoke Imagery.
Posted by ABL Business Ltd
YPS Ahead Of The Pack With On-Pack Recycling Label!

Posted: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Consumers today are increasingly frustrated that they don’t know which types of packaging can be recycled or how. A staggering 84% of the population are said to look for recycling information on packaging that is clear and consistent. The On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme was designed to tackle these frustrations - it delivers a simple and consistent UK-wide recycling message for packaging. Unlike other recycling labels, the scheme is based on current local authority recycling services and reflects exactly what can be recycled and where. This enables more consumers to recycle more material correctly, more often. This is very important when you consider that research by WRAP’s Recycle Now programme found that a huge 54% of well-intentioned citizens dispose at least one item in the general rubbish that could have been recycled instead. The OPRL label gives clear information for each packaging component (e.g. tray, carton, sleeve, film) and material (card, paper, foil, plastic etc). Recyclability is defined by the proportion of local authorities offering recycling services for that material and component. Because Yorkshire Packaging take very seriously the impact their industry has on the environment, they have joined OPRL to ensure that they are giving this clear advice to their end-users on how best to recycle their YPS shrink film. As such, YPS are pleased to confirm that almost all of their range of polyolefin shrink films can be labelled as ‘Recycle With Carrier Bags At Larger Stores – Check Locally Kerbside’ under the current OPRL guidelines. For further information, please contact Yorkshire Packaging Systems who will be happy to provide details on how to apply the logo and what benefits the scheme can offer.
Posted by Yorkshire Packaging Systems Ltd
A Suite Wrapping Solution For Ultra Finishing’s Bathroom Products!

Posted: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Yorkshire Packaging Systems, the UK’s foremost supplier of shrink wrapping equipment, are pleased to share their latest success story; the installation of a wide inline sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel into the Bolton factory of Ultra Finishing. Ultra Finishing are a leading retailer of premium bathroom and sanitary products as well as quality heating solutions, and have over thirty five years experience in the industry. They are the manufacturer behind several household names such as Hudson Reed, Premier and Old London. With several factories across the north of England, the company build the majority of their exceptional products in-house and as a result are proud members of the ‘Made In Britain’ scheme. Over the course of the last five years, Ultra Finishing have experienced continued growth and so in 2018 looked to expand on their existing packaging facilities to meet increased volumes and streamline their production by segregating their products. The 1800mm wide inline sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel supplied by YPS was wider than Ultra Finishing’s existing shrink wrapping line and therefore allowed for larger and higher bathroom products than ever before to be wrapped. Due to the size of the machinery, additional CE marked health and safety features were incorporated. These included upgraded guarding, the ability to detect any human entering the shrink tunnel (which would trigger the line to power down) and an integrated low level film holder to prevent the need to lift heavy rolls of shrink film. Following extensive FAT testing, the full line was delivered and installed at Ultra Finishing ahead of schedule. The ongoing benefits experienced by the business since installation include improved capacity, increased efficiency and improved pack quality. Gary Main, Ultra Finishing Production Manager explained ‘What set YPS apart for us was the attention to detail shown in making sure our requirements were accommodated. Furthermore, their track record for exceptional back up and support sealed the deal, as our packaging lines can be in use up to 16 hours a day and need good maintenance.’ Glyn Johnson, YPS Managing Director continued ‘I’m very pleased that Ultra Finishing selected Yorkshire Packaging as their new shrink wrapping supplier and that we could deliver everything that they needed. I look forward to a long relationship with them as they continue to grow and prosper.’
Posted by Yorkshire Packaging Systems Ltd
Most Frequently Asked Questions - Drainage

Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2019

When it comes to blocked drains, drain maintenance, drain repair Metro Rod West Yorkshire is your local drainage company providing expert drainage services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year! Covering areas in Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield, our engineers are the most professional, trusted specialists around. We are constantly asked hundreds of different regarding blocked drains, how we unblock drains. From guttering to pre-planned maintenance, find our answers below to the top 5 questions. 1. How do I know if I have blocked drains? Blocked drains are a nightmare. Blocked drains can cause so much stress and high unwanted costs, so it’s best to spot it as early as possible to prevent further damage. There are multiple early signs of a blocked drain that can prevent such damage to any pipes, drains or general surroundings. Below, we have put a list together of possible signs associated with blocked drains: Smelly Drains: Blocked drains can give off very unpleasant odours. Smelly drains can be caused by blockages created by food debris. With the food slowly decomposing it creates noticeable bad smelly drains which can seem even worse when the taps are turned on. Slow Drainage: Blocked drains can slow any passing water through pipes. The water must make its way around the blockage or filter through it to pass. If your water is draining slowly, it is likely you have a blocked drain. Raised Water Levels: If you have a blocked toilet, the easiest way to detect a blockage is if the water rises higher than normal when you flush the toilet. If the water rises extremely higher, this could be more serious than just a simple blocked drain. Strange Sounds: If you can hear ‘gurgling sounds’ from you drains, this could also be a sign of blocked drains. The gurgling sound is created from trapped air in the drain that is escaping when you run water. If you find yourself stuck with a blocked drain, we can help! If your drain is blocked, it is necessary for you to call a professional to unblock your blocked drain. Give Metro Rod West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield) a call today and let our professionals unblock your blocked drain safely and effectively so that you can get on with your life without any the extra stress! 2. What if the engineer doesn’t know what is causing the drainage issue? Unfortunately, a high percentage of your drains are not visible, making it difficult for our engineers to find the problem with your drains if the issue is not obvious. A CCTV survey allows our drainage experts to take a closer look at your underground drain pipes. If you’re facing reoccurring blocked drains or need to inspect your drains for any other reasons a CCTV survey is the answer. A CCTV Survey can accurately diagnose any underlying issues, which is critical for cost-effective maintenance. Here at Metro Rod West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield) we are industry-leading experts in CCTV Surveys, pre-planned maintenance and drain repair, with innovative technologies. The iTouch Live CCTV System, for example, allows us to provide completely transparent and virtual, real-time reports directly to you. Using iTouch Live, the data collected from the site is streamed in real time to the local office for processing. In most cases, your inspection report has already progressed to the next step before our engineer has finished packing up his tools. With geography no longer a factor, our team of technical support managers are also able to provide instant technical assistance to each of our local offices, ensuring that even the most complex of cases is analysed efficiently. All of this means that we can conclude each of our inspection reports far more quickly than before, allowing us to closely evaluate the problem and report back to you on the most effective solutions to your problem. Each report can be delivered instantly through our live web portal, or should you prefer, we can still place a printed copy and a DVD in the post to you. As an alternative to the iTouch Live CCTV survey inspection, we can also offer reports using the traditional WINCAN reporting software. Metro Rod West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield) are the industry-leading experts in CCTV Surveys, pre-planned maintenance and drain repair, with innovative technologies. 3. Why is my toilet overflowing? If you have a blocked toilet the toilet will likely overflow. The higher the water seems, the more extreme the situation could be and could be more serious than just a simple blocked drain. We have put together a short article on how to unblock a blocked toilet here. Whether you decide to tackle toilet unblocking yourself or call us at Metro Rod West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield), we understand this will depend on time, cost and urgency. If you try to unblock your toilet but find you still have a blocked toilet that just won’t go away, give us a call and we will send one of our engineers out to you right away. 4. Why is there waste coming up from my drains? We don’t like waste emerging from our sinks, residential or commercial, the site is horrifying. Usually, blocked sinks are caused by FOG: Fats, oils and grease. Nearly half a million tonnes of FOG enters the UK sewerage system every year and cause blocked drains. The grease sticks to the walls of our pipes and builds up, eventually leading to blocked drains. Fats and oils then damage wastewater equipment which generates costly repairs. If FOG reaches a natural watercourse, they can cause damage to the environment. This could mean a blocked sink in your commercial kitchen – imagine that happening at your busiest time of the day, lunch hour? Oh no! We suggest you: Residential – Use a fat trap (a lined, disposable container) to pour your waste grease and fats into. Or keep a kitchen caddy for food waste – it’s healthy for your drains and pipes as well as the planet! Commercial – Install a new grease trap in your kitchen or if you already have one, replace or maintain this efficiently. Grease Traps are designed to intercept FOG and solids before they enter a wastewater system. Here at Metro Rod West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield), we can install a brand-new grease trap or replace an old grease trap. This will help prevent blocked drains and protect your pipes. 5. How do I prevent my drains getting blocked? There are very simple ways of protecting your pipes and preventing blocked drains. Simple steps such as using a plug hole strainer and removing food waste from plates before washing. Yorkshire Water is currently running a campaign giving out ‘anti-blockage packs’ to help protect your pipes and blocked drains. They include a box of bags, FabLittleBag, a hair catcher and a GunkPot with a scraper and sink strainer. Get yours here. https://www.savewatersavemoney.co.uk/yorkshirewaste/free-water-saving-products Here are Yorkshire Waters Do’s and Don’ts: Bin it, don’t block it! Toilets are only designed to remove human waste and toilet roll. You can buy wipes that say they’re ‘flushable’ on the packaging, but most people don’t realise, they can actually take years to break down and are a major cause of blocked pipes. Other items like sanitary products, condoms, cotton buds, nappies and hair can block your pipes too and could result in a flooded bathroom. Keep sinks fat free! Don’t wash away leftover fat, oil and greasy sauces down your sink. It can solidify in your pipes like a block of lard, creating a blockage that stops waste water draining away, meaning it could come back up through your plug hole. Bin it for Yorkshire! Let leftover fat, oil and grease cool, then pour into a suitable container and put it in the bin. Wipe pots and pans out with kitchen roll before washing up or placing in a dishwasher. Sink strainers are a great idea for catching stray greasy food scraps too.
Posted by Metro Rod West Yorkshire
MMB Private Lunch Club launches in Huddersfield

Posted: Wednesday 01 May 2019

A new quarterly debate forum – and networking opportunity – has been launched in Huddersfield. Following its success across other regions, including Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, MMB magazine – a glossy, informative read for working parents – has partnered with Katie Mallinson, MD of Huddersfield-based Scriba PR, to bring the popular MMB Private Lunch Club to the town. Aimed at mid-senior level decision makers in the Kirklees and Calderdale region, the inaugural event took place at The Manor House in Lindley, where 15 invitees were encouraged to discuss and debate ‘the secret to a thriving workplace’. Over a two-course lunch, the afternoon – chaired by Katie – touched on a variety of topics linked to the theme, including the ingredients required to create a buoyant workforce, whether the answer to this lies in leaders or people, and if it is possible to recruit specifically for leadership. As discussions unfolded, the role of tech in a thriving workplace was also brought up, and like-minded people – from a range of organisations in the area – all provided their thoughts and opinions on the issues raised, leading to a valuable and thought-provoking chat. Katie commented: “I liked the format of the previous events held in other areas of the UK, and wanted the chance to give the people in the business community of Huddersfield a voice, and put us on the map, in this currently turbulent economic climate. “We talked about some hard-hitting topics throughout the 2-hour event, but this was all carried out in a truly relaxed environment, enabling attendees to have their say in an informal setting. The atmosphere truly worked, and the calibre of the ideas shared across the board was fantastic.” Founder of MMB, Abbie Coleman, added: “It was an inspiring event – Huddersfield really does have a part to play in the Northern Powerhouse, with some exciting developments in the pipeline. “My main reason for orchestrating these lunches was to get the right people around the table to bounce ideas off each other. It’s not about selling anything, but instead is focused on networking with – and learning from – the like-minded business community, and discussing issues surrounding resilience, in the present day.” To read the full report of the event, please visit: https://mmbmagazine.co.uk/west-yorkshire/thriving-workplace-findings-huddersfield-networking/. The second MMB Private Lunch Club in Huddersfield is set to take place on 5 June at The Manor House. The topic for discussions is Taking calculated risks – is there a secret formula? Attendance – costing £50 and including a two-course a-la-carte lunch – is by invitation only, but to register your interest, please contact abbie@mmbmagazine.co.uk.
Posted by Scriba PR Limited
Growing Yorkshire retailer set to open bricks and mortar stores in Bradford and Glasgow

Posted: Monday 29 April 2019

Rapidly-growing Yorkshire retailer, Easy Bathrooms, is set to open an additional two stores within the next two weeks, after signing leases on units in Bradford and Glasgow. The move triples its bricks and mortar presence on the UK high street, within just two years. Founded in 2013, the retailer now has 33 showrooms nationwide – compared to the eleven stores it had in April 2017. Within that two-year period, the firm has also created over 90 jobs, seeing it open showrooms across the south of the UK, including a network of seven locations across Hampshire and Berkshire. The Bradford and Glasgow stores will create an additional nine jobs, totalling £300,000 investment – and are both set to open in mid-May. Neil Bell, head of retail for Easy Bathrooms, said: "Our Bradford store is our ninth showroom in the region, which we're incredibly proud of. We're a Yorkshire-based company; and we are pleased to be able to create more employment opportunities across our home county. On the flip-side, Glasgow is our first location outside of England – and it’s a 400-display superstore, our biggest yet – which is a huge opportunity for us to grow our brand. It’s a very exciting time for us.” The Bradford store is based at a former Maplin unit – which went into administration in 2018; while the Glasgow showroom is the former site of Better Bathrooms, which collapsed earlier this year. Neil continued: “During a period when there's plenty of doom and gloom surrounding the UK high street, we are proud to expand and open bricks and mortar stores, alongside growing our online presence. Our strategy is to create a network of showrooms, where people can see, touch and try our products before making a purchase. “Both Glasgow and Bradford are former units of businesses which went into administration, so we’re delighted to fill these spaces and help revive local high streets.”
Posted by Byram, Amy
New identity to modernise four-decade-old firm

Posted: Sunday 28 April 2019

GB Projects, a commercial furniture manufacturer, has launched a new identity following a successful rebrand by creative digital agency The Bigger Boat. The design and launch of the new-look website celebrates the Dewsbury firm’s 45-year history, supports the progressive direction of the business and better reflects its high-specification product offering for existing and prospective clients which include HSBC and Nissan. In addition to showcasing GB Projects’ impressive heritage, the new site provides a visually-engaging insight into the firm, with clear, simplistic online messaging that is easy to navigate and digest. The team also carried out keyword research around the product offering and target markets to ensure the organisation was at the forefront of customers’ minds. The Bigger Boat’s co-founder and creative director Doug Main ran the four-month project alongside account manager Ruby Ribbons. And, following on from the successful relaunch, the Mirfield-based team is now managing the platform’s ongoing digital marketing outputs through paid search, social media and content. Eddy Burrows, GB Projects director, said: “We needed an updated brand and website to complement how our business was developing and highlight our manufacturing capabilities and services. We have had several leads come through to our site within a short period since unveiling our new look, so I couldn’t be happier with the end result from The Bigger Boat. This project marks the next chapter for our business growth.” Doug added: “We’ve built up a great relationship with Eddy and the team and the rebrand is working well and attracting interest for GB Projects. It was an exciting relaunch to be a part of and we have been able to keep that momentum and partnership going since, through our ongoing digital marketing activity.” The Bigger Boat, based in West Yorkshire, has clients including Little Tikes, Celloglas and CheckFire, and celebrated its ninth anniversary earlier this year. See GB Projects’ new-look website here: www.gbprojects.co.uk
Posted by Scriba PR Limited
Yorkshire PR firm lands triple-continent comms retainer

Posted: Friday 26 April 2019

Scriba PR is celebrating a solid start to 2019, having secured a hat-trick of international contract wins with global shredder manufacturer client, UNTHA. As the bolt-on communications department for the Austria-headquartered firm, the latest appointment will see the Yorkshire agency work across three continents. Already responsible for all media relations for the Energy from Waste (EfW) experts in the UK and Europe, the Huddersfield-based communications firm has added UNTHA America and a distributer programme in Australia, to a growing roster of worldwide clients. The investment reflects UNTHA’s projected worldwide growth of 25%, over the next 12 months, with 12 Waste to Energy shredding solution sales already secured in the first four months of the year. Poignantly – as Scriba PR celebrates 12 months of significant growth, with turnover up by 22% and 24 new project wins – UNTHA UK was the technical agency’s first retainer client, in 2013. And, as both firms have flourished – with the former having sold over 9,000 shredders globally – the B2B communications agency has grown to become an extension of the industrial heavyweight’s in-house team. Gary Moore, global director of business development at UNTHA, said: “This is a time of considerable development, and it’s crucial that we have the right people in place to capitalise on the opportunities available across the globe. “Scriba has significantly bolstered our progress over the past six years. Profile-raising activity played a key part in developing the UK business by 50% during 2018. Therefore, it made complete sense the for team to cover America, and our new business interests in Australia too. “The US has vast market potential – not least due to its size. Operators are looking for different ways to process their scrap and produce recyclates, and EfW is growing at speed too. With regards to Australia – while the EfW space is in its infancy – legislative and environmental pressures continue to mount, meaning the savvier waste and recycling firms are already looking to do something innovative with their materials.” Katie Mallinson, Scriba PR founder and managing director, added: “UNTHA has been a central part of our family since the very beginning. The firm’s most senior managers trust us with their business objectives, allowing us to craft communication strategies in-line with domestic and international targets, and I’m proud that we can continue to support the team during this next chapter in the company’s history. “UNTHA thrives on challenging perceptions around what we class as ‘rubbish’. It’s incredibly costly to dispose of waste in the UK – and we shouldn’t send ‘garbage’ off to landfill if something can be done with it. We don’t have another planet waiting in the wings if we damage this one beyond repair, and, if Scriba can help transform trash into treasure – quite literally, as users generate income from their waste – even better.” Marcus Brew, UNTHA UK managing director, added: “Our collaboration with Scriba has been a key driving force behind significant growth in the UK. Recycling isn’t new – and it’s a particularly competitive market – but it’s still surprising to hear that firms aren’t maximising the opportunities on their doorsteps. “Our shredders – which last for decades – often pay for themselves in less than 18 months, meaning everything processed after that, is profit. Scriba has played a transformational role in communicating that message to key decision-makers, and we can credit them for helping to turn our name into a truly global brand.” The growing partnership symbolises UNTHA’s commitment to ensuring their communications strategy and voice remains consistent across the globe.
Posted by Scriba PR Limited
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