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Huddersfield's first business members' club invests in automated security system

Posted: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Empire House, the luxury business members' club due to launch in Huddersfield in a few weeks, has invested a five-figure sum in state-of-the-art, automated security systems to create a slick customer experience, intensify site security and help protect clients from COVID-19.   In readiness for opening in a few weeks’ time, the Slaithwaite-based business centre – which will incorporate offices, a ‘lounge’ area with stocked bar and corporate and event facilities – is set to attract businesspeople from all over West Yorkshire and offer 24-hour access to tenants.  Recognising a need to heighten client experience and reduce the manpower required, Empire House has invested in CCTV, access control, fire and intruder alarm support from Huddersfield-based specialists, Centurion Fire & Security Ltd.  The automated system has been designed to make the management of the building simple. Able to be programmed to allow and deny access around the building, the system ensures that no unauthorised individuals can gain entry. It is wholly integrated with the CCTV and intruder system, permitting ‘triggers’ and push-notifications to key holders when an area has been ‘breached’.  The access control, which can screen visitors via a camera, also offers the option of Covid-19 functionality, allowing or denying entry based on whether they are wearing a mask or not.  Amy Byram is the founder of Empire House. Commenting on the investment, she said: “We wanted to provide the utmost security for our clients, whilst ensuring that their experience is slick and uninterrupted – the last thing that people want is to feel that their privacy is being intruded, and we have got that balance just right.  “I am impressed with the functionality of the software, which will allow the management team to ensure security is maximal at all times, without the costly need for manned onsite teams. We can lock and unlock doors directly from an app, whilst enabling us to mark people as safe or missing in an emergency. We hope our clients will be as equally as impressed by the technology as we are.”
Posted by Byram, Amy
Partnership Manager Brings In Key Partnership Within First Month

Posted: Tuesday 20 October 2020

- Winning Pitch webinars with follow up one-to-one session. - Liz brings in a key partnership within first month - ABL will share key commercial finance to support businesses West Yorkshire based commercial finance consultancy, ABL is celebrating a big win after partnership manager, Liz Jowett, brings in a key partnership within her first month. Teaming up with Winning Pitch — a company that provides entrepreneurial services to businesses across the UK — ABL will be delivering a webinar and one-to-one session as part of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Investment Readiness Programme. The Programme is run as part of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, delivered by Winning Pitch aimed at helping businesses to understand the full and diverse range of funding options available that can best support their growth and to prepare compelling proposals to secure external. The Investment Readiness Programme supported 25 SMEs receive over £3m worth of Investment in the past month. James Clayton, Project Manager at Winning Pitch, described the partnership as "a perfect match" and said "we're delighted to be working with ABL in helping business owners across the Leeds City Region get the very best in business support and helping them to raise investment and finance". ABL will be hosting a webinar as part of the Investment Readiness Programme on Your Finance… Finance beyond the High Street, which will be taking place on Wednesday 9th December with tickets still available. You can access tickets here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/your-finance-tickets-124107287237?ref=estw The webinar will explore the current UK finance market in relation to the wider economy, but also delve into understanding what this means for SMEs. In whichever industry a business operates there is sure to be an impact, either directly or indirectly through their customers, suppliers, or even competitors. Liz Jowett joined the ABL team at the beginning of September to set up and support a partnership programme. As part of her role, she will be working with advisers and businesses to ensure that they are aware of ALL of the options when it comes to commercial finance. The partnership with Winning Pitch allows Liz and the ABL team to work with both advisers and businesses: sharing key knowledge on what is happening within the financial landscape and what is out there in terms of commercial finance. Managing director Alex Beardsley said “This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to understand all their financial options and be able to make an informed decision. This investment programme will help businesses to reach their potential through accessing additional knowledge and skills development. ABL has previously worked with the LEP before but is excited to also be working with Winning Pitch to provide a webinar and a one-to-one session to support businesses.” ABL provide commercial finance consultancy to businesses across the UK and have helped over 600 organisations to achieve their growth potential since it’s inception in 2013. Joint managing director, Alex Beardsley, was also elected to serve on the CBI’s Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Council earlier this year.
Posted by ABL Business Ltd
Three Northern Lasses with Mandy Taylor

Posted: Monday 19 October 2020

We don't think we have met more of a people person than Mandy before, she just oozes positivity and spreads it around to everyone she meets. She's just one of those genuinely lovely people, a general good egg to have in your life! She has so much to say, we could actually do an entire series on her. Unfortunately we only got 40 minutes and you know how we like to waffle on so our convo with Mandy really did feel as though it had been cut short. But we are sure we can get her on again, or she might even be persuaded to start her own podcast one day! Watch this space! The start of Mandy's career was pretty straight forward, work for the council, study an accountancy qualification......... Then like many others do, Mandy realised she didn't want to do that so she quit! She walked out of that building and straight into a car showroom where she talked herself into a 4 week unpaid trial in car sales (despite being a woman!!). After 4 weeks she was the top sales person and got a job working with people and the rest, as they say is history. There is so much to Mandy's life and career having experienced the lows of anorexia as a teenager and cancer as an adult and the highs of a great career that she loves, buying a cat whilst drunk and raising over £3million for various charities since 2004. Listen in to find out more about all that plus her job with Bibis, her job with Topic UK magazine and the spin off Yorkshire Business Woman and how she met her newest friend The Yorkshire Shepherdess. And more.... Links below..... https://anchor.fm/twonorthernlasses/episodes/Three-Northern-Lasses-with-Mandy-Taylor-el3sq8 Twitter @Charity_Angels @Topic_UK @YorkshireBusin2 Insta: charitymrst Yorkshire_businesswoman topic_uk Facebook: Mandy Taylor and Charity Angels
Posted by Justo Software
64 local businesses join forces to raise £181,107 for Overgate Hospice

Posted: Monday 19 October 2020

A group of supporters and volunteers from Calderdale have teamed up to support Overgate Hospice in Elland during the Covid-19 outbreak. Over 64 businesses and business people have donated to an appeal, raising over £180,000 since May. As the impact of the crisis on the Hospice was shared with their supporters, a small group of local business people felt compelled to act to help Overgate through this difficult period. The group of five launched the Corporate Emergency Appeal for Overgate Hospice and set themselves a fundraising target to help bridge the predicted gap in income. They made personal donations to the appeal and asked their business contacts and networks to join them in supporting the Hospice during the pandemic. Richard Porter, Chairman of Halifax-based construction company DD Porter and long-standing supporter of the Hospice, led the Appeal, giving his own time to ensure its success. The other members of the volunteer group are Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of pib Insurance Brokers, Jessica Collinge, Head of Customer Experience Strategy at Yorkshire Water, Chris Bell, Founder of B M Howarth Ltd. and John Smith, Joint Chairman of Smith Brothers Contracting Ltd. Richard Porter said, “As local people, we know how important Overgate is to our community. Together, with four other businesspeople, we met via Zoom to discuss our concerns about the decline in fundraising income for the Hospice and agreed that we needed to help and help fast! We came up with a simple idea of asking our networks to donate a minimum of £1000, either via their business or privately. We asked people not only to donate, but to reach out to their networks to consider helping as well. Did they know anyone who could also donate? The business community has really pulled together to help Overgate at a time when they really do need it the most.” Jessica Collinge added, “I have seen for myself the amazing care that the hospice provides when my late husband Ollie was cared for at the hospice four years ago. I can’t imagine what things would have been like without the support and quality of care we experienced at a really difficult time in our lives and since then I have become dedicated to supporting the hospice so they can continue to provide this vital care for other families. As we enter the winter months, I worry about the impact of Covid-19 on the number of missed diagnoses of cancer cases meaning that it might be too late for treatment. This will mean more people needing the expert care that Overgate provides so I would urge anyone in the local business community to join us to make sure Overgate can be there for these people, like they were for Ollie and I.” Janet Cawtheray, Chief Executive of Overgate Hospice said, “This year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, and the loss of income has been a huge concern for the Hospice. In April, we had no idea how long the lockdown would last and how this might affect the care we provide. When the volunteer group launched the Corporate Emergency Appeal we were so grateful for their support but as the Appeal has grown we have been overwhelmed by the number of local businesses who have donated and the amount raised. This money is already making a huge difference to the patients in our care. It has meant we have been able to continue to care for the Calderdale community. It has meant that despite the chaos outside, we have been able to shield them from this and ensure they can live life to the full, to the very end. We have been able to launch a virtual Day Hospice, offering vital advice, support and care via Zoom video call. This has been a lifeline for so many local families who rely heavily on their hospice care for social interaction as well as therapies to help them manage the variety of symptoms their illness may cause. Overgate has also been able to share our expertise on end of life care with the wider health and social care system in Calderdale, offering training to care home staff who have had to provide more clinical care during this time than ever before. On behalf of everyone at the Hospice, I would like to say a special thank you to the volunteer group for their loyal and dedicated support and to all of the local businesses and business people who have supported the appeal.” As new restrictions are enforced and the number of cases continues to rise locally and nationally, the Hospice is facing further uncertainty about their income over the next six months and beyond. Richard Blackburn added, “We’ve already raised a fantastic amount since we started the appeal in May, but we know the Hospice needs more support. The impact of Covid-19 is ever present and as we approach the end of the year where so many of us would normally attend the Hospice’s biggest fundraisers such as the Midnight Walk and the annual Ball, we need to show our support now, more than ever”. The full list of supporters to the appeal can be seen at www.overgatehospice.org.uk The Corporate Emergency Appeal is still open and any businesses that would like to get involved can contact Selina Lodge, Head of Appeals at Overgate Hospice, on 01422 387121 or by emailing Selina.Lodge@overgatehospice.nhs.uk
Posted by LIT Communication
4 Security Tips for the New Normal

Posted: Monday 19 October 2020

For some time, people have been talking about a change in working practices. The traditional 9 to 5 no longer meeting the demands of the modern employee who requires more freedom and flexibility. However, it has taken a pandemic for businesses to really embrace the change. Initially, it was an enforced scramble to ensure all businesses could continue to operate under the Government restrictions, now business have seen the benefits of a more flexible workforce and are embracing it. We have put together 4 security tips to help business be better prepared. *Establish a Buddy Network* Working remotely can be an isolating, lonely experience. In fact, a recent study (https://buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2019) of remote workers found that 19% felt lonely. In addition to the personal support, a buddy network can help provide security support. They can give your employee a ring and check up on them at set periods throughout the working day, and your employee can inform them of where and when they are going for a meeting. Although a manager would be the ideal person, a buddy network doesn’t have to be someone from within your organisation. With the proliferation of home working, there is bound to be someone nearby who they can build a relationship with. *A Secure Location* 84% of all remote workers surveyed are working from a home office, so ensuring their home security is up to scratch is paramount. Although you may feel like this is overstepping the mark, it is still your responsibility to ensure your employee is safe while they work. A good starting point would be to fix any broken locks, doors, windows and light bulbs; a suggestion that wouldn’t meet much resistance. During the working day, remind your staff to not leave doors open and unattended. If they have an alarm fitted, it may help to set the alarm to chime every time a door is opened. The first breach of security is when an asset is known to exist so encourage your staff to keep all valuables out of sight. If they handle cash, it may be necessary to provide a safe to secure it in. *Staff Training* One of the biggest threats to security is human error. As we all know, employees do click on phishing emails or forget best practices. It happens. All you can do is provide regular training and updates to make sure your staff have as much knowledge as possible about the risks – and how to avoid them. *Good cyber security* Cyberattacks can be very disruptive to working life. An employee who is outside of your business perimeter is more at risk. The more important aspects to cover if you want to protect your staff, where they work, are: -Invest in endpoint protection -Consider a VPN or cloud services -Only give users access to resources they need -Use a password manager We hope you found this useful. As ever, if you need any specific advice, please get in touch.
Posted by Equilibrium Risk Ltd
Technical PR agency targets biggest year yet – with 17 client wins and key hire

Posted: Thursday 08 October 2020

Technical communications agency, Scriba PR is targeting its strongest year of growth yet, as 17 new project wins contribute to 255 additional hours of communications work each month. Equating to over 32 working days of additional content creation, the B2B specialist has appointed a new account manager and is recruiting for an executive level role. Bolstering its European roster, Scriba now represents Reid Brewin Architects – a British design practice based in Paris – as well as leading manufacturer of temporary storage systems for waste and recyclables ESE, and UNTHA Poland. Having worked as the bolt-on communications department for international shredder manufacturer UNTHA since 2013, Scriba also handles all key internal and external relations for its UK, USA, Australian and Austrian divisions. In the UK, commercial finance consultancy ABL, workplace supplies and solutions organisation OT Group, IT support and services firm Central Networks and Technologies, smart meter installation business Blue Square Utilities and The Society of Dyers and Colourists, are among several other new brands to have joined the award-winning PR agency’s roster. Known for its technical expertise, Scriba has also onboarded agile software development and systems integration specialist IDS Group, workplace data analytics firm Tiger, digital interview preparation platform Shortlist.Me, nursery management software brand Connect Childcare and strategic communications agency CDS – which count the NHS, Transport for London, Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office among its own client list. This is in addition to North-West-based national recycling aficionados, Indigo Environmental Group and Slaithwaite-based sheet metal manufacturers, Salamander Fabrications who came on board prior to lockdown. And finally, Scriba is assisting The Bailie Group in its recently unveiled acquisition hunt, designed to support the organisation’s ambitions of achieving a £20m rise in turnover by the end of next year – up from predicted revenues of £45m in 2020. The news coincides with the appointment of account manager Kirstie Wilson, who brings with her regulatory affairs consultancy Woodley BioReg – completing the raft of new client wins. Katie Mallinson, founder and managing director of Scriba PR said: “As we continue to navigate the pandemic, it almost feels crass to talk about our growth as an organisation – particularly as so many of our friends, clients and peers continue to navigate such challenging times. And you never know what’s around the corner, especially right now. “That we are still here to tell the tale was all I wanted for this year, particularly as more than £284,000 of retainer work was paused within the first month of lockdown – for a team of ten (8FTE), that was a lot! “Having been able to replace every pound of lost revenue – and some – with either un-paused, upsold or new work, welcoming Kirstie to the team and recruiting for another account executive six months later, is a real credit to the entire team.” Having welcomed 19 new accounts in 2019, the news follows the communication agency's listing within the Prolific North Top 50 PR Agencies 2020, as well as being shortlisted in the coveted 2020 PRmoment awards, where Scriba is nominated for ‘B2B Agency of the Year’ and ‘B2B Campaign of the Year’. Results are set to be revealed on 11 November.
Posted by Scriba PR
Online Demand Drives Lockdown Business Boom for Yorkshire Web Designer

Posted: Monday 05 October 2020

Brighouse-based web design and branding agency, Fab Media has experienced an upturn in new clients since lockdown began in March. With non-essential shops forced to close and some business owners unable to trade, the pandemic has pushed many physical stores online. Fabi Viola, director of creative agency Fab Media, has found himself busier than ever during the past six months. Most of the agencies’ recent projects have come from businesses that want to trade online or improve their website. Fab Media provides a range of digital services to clients, including web design, branding and digital marketing. Among Fab Media’s new client roster is Huddersfield confectionary retailer, Honey Bee Sweet Shop who have been able to start selling online after Fabi designed and built a new website for the family-run business. Fabi has also worked with local charity Ruddi’s Retreat to rebrand and modernise their shop signage, logo, and menus. The organisation helps families with seriously ill children have access to a holiday home for free. Ali Waterworth, Ruddi’s Retreat founder, and owner of Ruddi’s explained: “When the pandemic hit, we were understandably worried as not only are we in the hospitality trade, we are also a registered charity, so everything stopped for us - much like the rest of the world. We had already committed to moving premises before the 23 March, so we had to carry on with our plans. “We were working to a very tight budget and fast turnaround. Fab Media has gone the extra mile to ensure we have had all of our marketing materials designed to exact specifications. We were able to open on time with a new logo, new menus, and a fresh new look.” Other projects include an e-commerce website design and build for a monthly dog subscription treat company, More 4 Pets, and a new website for car financing service, Any Car Credit. Fabi commented: "When the pandemic started, I was worried about the future of Fab Media. Lots of businesses were closing, while others were busy adapting to the new normal. We were contacted by several local business owners who wanted to take their products and services online and generate a new income stream. “We love working with local businesses and being part of their growth and journey. I feel a sense of accomplishment watching them flourish — especially in times like this. It’s great to see businesses finding new ways to attract customers.” Fabi launched Fab Media in 2016 after completing a BA Hons in Creative Media and a foundation degree in Advertising and Graphic Design in Manchester. The company moved to a Ltd structure last year and has continued to experience growth and attract new clients throughout 2020. Fabi also rebranded his own business during lockdown- designing a new website and brand image to better showcase his skills. Fabi is also a founding member of a new BNI Networking group in Brighouse and holds weekly meetings with other business owners to share tips, insight, and referrals.
Posted by LIT Communication
Being curiously creative with Juliet Thomas

Posted: Monday 05 October 2020

Regular listeners may recognise Juliet as she was our guest host a few months ago, during lockdown. And it has taken this long to get ourselves sorted so she can be a guest. Juliet is very much the creative type and has loads of 'pots on the boil' so to speak. She has had a challenging year to say the least but has maintained her love of creativity throughout and continued to inspire others in all sorts of ways (you'll have to listen in to find out more). https://anchor.fm/twonorthernlasses/episodes/Being-curiously-creative-with-Juliet-Thomas-ekeits And find out more/keep in touch with Juliet here Website Home & Blog: www.thecuriouscreativeclub.co.uk Instagram: @thecuriouscreativeclub Facebook: The Curious Creative Club
Posted by Justo Software
Joyful Education creates ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ to bring joy and wellness back to education

Posted: Thursday 01 October 2020

Yorkshire based business women, Stefanie Wilkinson and Lou Mycroft have created a new movement called Joyful Education Ltd to help raise the profile of teacher wellbeing and provide solutions to individual educators, as well as education organisations across the country. Through a range of Joyful Education initiatives, they are raising the awareness of workload, efficiency, culture and community to help tackle other factors that can significantly affect wellbeing. Stefanie Wilkinson has teamed up with Steph Cash, who is an early years specialist, to create Wellbeing Wednesday, as one of the main Joyful Education initiatives. The Wellbeing Wednesdays have been created as interactive sessions available to any teacher across the UK. There is a weekly online session run by one of the Joyful Education partners and they aim to educate teachers on aspects of wellbeing, create an online community for teachers and therefore support the development of their wellbeing. Some of the key themes being covered in the sessions include nutrition, sleep and rest enhancement, mindfulness, including meditation techniques, forming habits and the importance of exercise. One partner, Personal Trainer and Online Coach, Adam Batchelor says: “I am very excited to be part of this team with some other fantastic partners. We all cover different areas of wellness but fully understand the importance of all of the aspects of the sessions. I have noticed a huge dip in mental health and an increase in anxiety especially over the lockdown period. Teachers in particular have been under a lot of stress with the regulations changing, so it will be great to be part of a team who are helping with teachers wellbeing especially during these very uncertain and stressful times.” Partners already on board are: Liberty Mills, a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, Jaqui Cooper, accredited coach and Reiki master, Kelly Thistlethwaite of Yorkshire Yogi, Adam Batchelor, Personal Trainer and Online Coach and Vicki Dawson from the Sleep Charity. As well as the weekly online sessions, Joyful Education will also be running Wellbeing Wednesday full day events during half terms. The first session is planned for Wednesday 28th October. Each of the partners will run a virtual session throughout the day and the teachers won’t have to leave their own homes, meaning childcare and travelling may be easier for them and therefore help them to make this investment in their health and well-being. Stef Wilkinson comments: “Educational environments are struggling to keep up with the demand of trying to increase student attainment levels with continuous sector challenges, changes and government policy. Teacher wellbeing has continued to be a problem, with a third of teachers leaving the profession in the first five years following training. In 2017, more teachers left the profession than entered it. Wellbeing initiatives have become reactive rather than being a high priority for all education leaders to factor into their strategic planning. Within the last couple of years, we have seen some movement of wellbeing being more of a priority, mainly in response to Ofsted including teacher wellbeing in the Education Inspection Framework. Through our work, we hope to help leaders to see that employee wellbeing is considered the most important factor when ensuring quality, high performance and productivity.” ? You can find out more and sign up here : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wellbeing-wednesday-for-educators-tickets-119417261243
Posted by LB Marketing
KC Communications appointed by leading health tech specialists to handle comms remit

Posted: Friday 25 September 2020

Digital healthcare specialists Mindwave Ventures has appointed Huddersfield based KC Communications to manage its PR, marketing and social activity at a time of growth for both businesses. Founded by Kumar Jacob MBE in 2014, Mindwave was born out of the NIHR Maudsley BioMedical Research Centre (BRC) at the Maudsley Hospital. Over the last six years, the team of two has grown to an international team of 43, including a design and full-stack development team. With a primary focus on health and care, Mindwave designs and develops digital products and services that have a positive impact on people. The team has delivered a wide range of projects to health tech startups, NHS trusts, academia and charities including a Personal Health Record (PHR) platform, apps to support health research, a city-wide platform to help Londoners improve their mental wellbeing and a goal-setting tool for an employment service which supports those seeking work following mental health treatment. KC Communications will work to raise the firm’s profile to key stakeholders in the health and academic verticals through a series of strategic PR and marketing activities. Following the recent appointment, KC Communications founder Katrina Cliffe said: “We are thrilled to have been appointed to work with the Mindwave team, especially at such a critical time for the health industry. Onboarding a client in a pandemic is no easy feat, but we have already built some great relationships with the Mindwave team and really got under the skin of the business.” Mindwave’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr Victoria Betton said: “In the short time that we have been working with KC Communications they have achieved some brilliant results having fully immersed themselves in the digital health sphere. We are really looking forward to continuing working together to help achieve our goals.”
Posted by KC Communications
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