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Sales & Marketing

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling your goods and services - every time you speak with someone about your business you are involved in marketing. This section shows how to maximise those opportunities whilst operating within the rules.

Finance & Accounting

Every business has a legal responsibility to ensure that their finances are recorded, managed and reported correctly for the purposes of accurate tax contributions. This section gives an overview of business finance and information about what you need to consider, ensuring that your business complies with the relevant legislation.

Your Staff

Your staff are your most valuable asset, so it's important to recruit the right people and ensure that they have the right skills and training to help your business thrive. In this section you will find information on employing staff, and what to do when employment-related issues arise.

Legal and Regulatory

Whatever the size and nature of your business it will be subject to a variety of laws and regulations. This section gives an introduction to some of the major ones, to help you recognise and meet your legal obligations.

Production & Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector makes significant contributions to the economy and accounts for more than half of the UK’s exports. This section provides general practical guidance to businesses involved in this sector about safety and liability issues, waste management and environmental matters.

Business Planning & Strategy

Shaping your business activity and making key strategic decisions, ultimately starts with sound planning principles. Business planning is an ongoing process and this section will help provide you with information and guidance on how to plan effectively to reflect different stages of your business life cycle.

Business Start-Up

Setting up a business from scratch can be a rewarding experience but it’s also a challenging one. It’s important to understand the basics as you take the first steps to being your own boss. This section introduces some points you’ll need to think about early on, to help set you off on the right track.

Grants & Funding

All businesses have one thing in common: they need money to operate. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand there are a range of funding options to consider - each with its own pros and cons. Read about them here and find out the steps you should take when preparing to seek funding.


Successful businesses know how to make the most of technology but just as importantly, they also know how to protect themselves against technological threats. Get up to speed on broadband, find out what cloud computing can do for you and read hints on safeguarding your IT operations.


Start up, develop, diversify or grow your business. Use the information in this section to help your tourism business achieve its full potential.

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