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West Yorkshire

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Om is where the heart is aims to spread the love and light to our ever growing community through yoga and good, honest food & drink.

We believe our dharma is to make eating well and doing good for your body and mind, normal, regular, a habit. all while allowing us to serve you with a smile. Some might say we are just Keepin' it real.

Now we all know that up North we have a reputation for being a bit behind the times, and the time has come for a change, a yoga-lution so to speak! There is no reason we shouldn't all have access to tasty, healthy food, a variety of yoga classes and most importantly to us, perfect customer service.

Nothing will ever be too much trouble for us, so we beg of you please, to not be so British about things. If something isn't right, tell us! Then we can make it right, we want every Omie who steps through the door to leave with their tummies and hearts full.

We CAN'T FIX ANYTHING ONCE YOU'VE GONE so please, be honest, be kind.

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